Parking Information for Toledo University | OH

Please remember that parking permits are required at all times including nights and weekends, in between semesters and academic breaks.

Please remember that parking permits are required at all times including nights and weekends, in between semesters and academic breaks.

Parking Updates for 2024-25 School Year

Faculty/staff permits for the 2024-25 school year will be available for purchase starting Friday, July 19, 2024. “A” annual permits are $313 for the 2024-25 school year, with “A” semester permits available for $105 (processing fees not included).

For those enrolled in payroll deduction for an annual permit, no action is needed.
University of Toledo employees enrolled in payroll deduction for annual “A, G & E” permits will see an increase on their pay statements starting August 9, 2024. For 12-month employees, the pre-tax deduction amounts to just over $12 per paycheck. This pre-tax payroll deduction remains the most cost-effective option for UToledo employees who frequently come to campus, equating to only 86 cents per day (or $1.20 per day for those commuting five days a week).

For employees and affiliates that purchased an annual “A, G & E” permit by credit card, the 2023-24 permits expire on August 2, 2024. 2024-25 annual employee permits will be available for purchase in your parking portal starting Friday, July 19, 2024.

Student semester and fall/spring permits will be available for purchase in their parking portal beginning Monday, August 12th, 2024. Student semester permits will be $142 per semester or they may purchase a fall/spring permit for $284 (processing fees not included).

If you prefer, ParkUToledo also provides flexible parking options including monthly, daily, and hourly rates. Monthly ‘C’ permits are priced at $59.85 per calendar month, while daily ‘C’ passes are available at $5.95 per day. Hourly parking is conveniently offered through metered spaces or the ParkMobile App, with rates varying by location: $2.40 per hour for premium areas and $1.30 per hour for regular areas.

Semester and dual semester permits continue to be the best value for students commuting to campus regularly. The fall semester permits are active from August 12 through December 23. Priced at $142, the semester parking permit costs just $1.19 per day if used daily, and $1.65 per day if parking Monday through Friday.

Please refer to the table below for updated parking permit pricing.


Hourly/Daily/Monthly Increases

Hourly, daily and monthly permit prices are increasing starting August 1, 2024 – visit the ParkUToledo website to purchase.

Departmental Permit Increases

Starting August 1, 2024, departmental daily and annual permit prices will increase.

Event Pricing 2024-25

Event pricing for the 2024-25 school year will also increase starting August 1, 2024.
For more information on scheduling events, click here.

Citation Increases

Please view the table below for the updated citation pricing.


ParkUToledo will not be enforcing permits on the following holidays:
ParkUToledo will not be enforcing permits on the following designated global days:


This summer, ParkUToledo is currently renovating Areas 6, 7N, 9, 12, 12S, 12W, 19S, 27A, 27B, 27C, 27D, and 33S. These upgrades represent the latest in ParkUToledo’s ongoing efforts to enhance parking facilities across both UToledo campuses. In 2023, ParkUToledo allocated over $2.8 million for improvements to Areas 1S, 18, 40, and 43, following a $3.7 million investment in 2022.

As part of ParkUToledo’s commitment to contribute to The University of Toledo community, one of its initiatives during the 2023 summer construction projects included installing a complimentary air compressor. Positioned in Area 18 (near the student rec center), the compressor was installed just before last school year, offering students, employees, and visitors convenient access.

For more information on improvements to the parking system, take a look at ParkUToledo’s 2023 Annual Report.

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If you are a UToledo student or employee with a permit who plans to park in a patient only area, please submit a Parking in Reserved Patient Area Form.

Unless explicitly stated in the article above, please remember all vehicles on campus must be registered with a permit purchased online in advance or by utilizing the ParkMobile App or a parking meter when visiting campus.

Updated parking policies and procedures do have parking permits enforced between semesters, during academic breaks and on weekends.

Permit Enforcement Hours:
Monday through Friday 7AM-10PM
Saturday & Sunday 9AM-5PM

On weekdays from 5PM-7AM and on Saturdays & Sundays, active permits may park in areas designated for other permits. Exceptions include: reserved, disabled, metered, patient and no overnight parking spaces/areas.