Parking Information for Toledo University | OH

Please remember that parking permits are required at all times including nights and weekends, in between semesters, and academic breaks.


Get permit parking at University of Toledo.


For the 2021-22 academic year only, residential students with less than 30 earned credit hours will be afforded a D permit to park in residential parking areas on Main and Health Science Campus. There will be no residential permit parking on Scott Park Campus.

Fall 2021 permits will be available the second week of August, after summer grades have been posted.

Departmental Guest Permits: Please contact the department you are visiting to procure a departmental guest permit, or fill out the Department Guest Permit Request Form.


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Parking Permits, Rates, and Permit Lengths
Permit Type Rate Length of Permit
A $207.00 Year
A - AAUP $200.00 Year
C, D, K $129.00 Semester
C Day $5.00 Day
C Month $50.00 Month
1st Year Medical Student $258.00 Year
2nd Year Medical Student $375.00 Year
3rd Year Medical Student $375.00 Year
4th Year Medical Student $375.00 Year
E $828.00 Year
G $405.00 Year
U - AFSME/CWA/FOP $58.00 Year
U - AAUP $100.00 Year


First, click here to log in to your account.

UToledo Email
Click the University of Toledo button and log in
Non-UToledo Email
Click Are you a visitor? Enter your email and password and log in
Visitor who Needs to Create an Account
Click Are you a visitor? And then click Create Account

university toledo how to purchase permit step 1

Click on the Permits tab and click on Purchase Permit. You can also click on +PURCHASE under you permit summary.

There are 10 Steps to purchase a permit.

university toledo how to purchase permit step 2

    1. Select a Term. Click on the term you are purchasing a permit for then click toledo how to purchase permit step 3
    2. Select a Parking Permit. Click on the parking permit you want to purchase then click Next. The permit option and its associated cost is dependent upon your student, employee, or affiliate status.

university toledo how to purchase permit step 3

  1. Placard and Associated Registration. If you do not have a disability placard just click Next to skip this step.
  2. If you have a disability placard, please upload a picture of it by clicking Select Files, then once you have chosen your file, enter a document description, click Upload then click on toledo how to purchase permit step 4university toledo how to purchase permit step 5
  3. Vehicle Selection. Click on the vehicle(s) you want associated with the permit and then click Next. To add a new license plate, click on +Add and fill out the vehicle information and click Save then click on the vehicle and click Next. If the license plate is already listed, select the license plate that will carry the toledo how to purchase permit step 6university toledo how to purchase permit step 7
  4. Parking Alert Signup. If you want to receive text alerts anytime there is an important change with parking, enter your phone number, select the provider, check the I agree statement box, and click Next otherwise, click on toledo how to purchase permit step 8
  5. Rules and Regulations. Click the link to review the rules and regulations then check the I agree statement box and click on Next. The box must me checked to acknowledge the rules were reviewed in order to proceed with the toledo how to purchase permit step 9
  6. Review the Payment Method Terms, check the box acknowledging they’ve been read and select NEXT to toledo how to purchase permit step 10
  7. Review. Confirm all your information and the permit being purchased. rice of permit will vary depending on your student, employee, or affiliate status. Click on toledo how to purchase permit step 11
  8. Checkout. Click on Redirect to Credit Card Payment Site to make your payment. Puniversity toledo how to purchase permit step 13
  9. Receipt. Once you finish your payment, you will be redirected back to the portal to view your receipt. The receipt will also be added to the account receipt summary page for you to view or print at any time. A subsequent email will be sent to the email provided by the user, listing the parking areas where the permit may toledo how to purchase permit step 14university toledo how to purchase permit step 15



Daily permits purchased by a visitor allows them to park in C areas within a white-lined space. This permit cannot be used to park in metered or reserved spaces; these spaces require a separate payment.

For a complete list of where to park, please visit “Where Should I Park?

All guests parked on a University campus will be assessed a $5 parking fee per day. The department may elect to cover the cost of the guest permit or advise the guest to purchase a permit through the Parking Portal. If the department elects to cover the cost:
  • The department guests will receive an A permit
  •  P-cards are not a valid payment method
If the department advises the guest to purchase a permit:
  • The guest will receive a C permit
Four vehicles may be on the same permit. However, if both vehicles are scanned on campus during the same time period, a citation will still be issued.
Yes, annual departmental permits are available for purchase.

You must still obtain a valid UToledo parking permit to park on campus. Placard registration from the BMV can then be submitted to ParkUToledo via Once the registration is verified, additional permissions will be added to your parking permit. Additional documents may be requested for validation of the registration.

With a valid permit, you will be able to utilize any disability space regardless of the permit designation of that area. Once the registration has been submitted to ParkUToledo and the permissions have been added to your account, you will be able to utilize any “A” permit space if there are no disability spaces available in that area. Reserved, metered and patient spaces are still not available unless the requirements of these spaces are met.


All vehicles on campus are required to have a permit each semester or opt to pay metered or zoned parking.
You can register your vehicle with the following:
  • Register your vehicle online via the Parking Portal. Log in with your UTAD and password.
  • You will need to have your license plate number and vehicle information available when you register.
  • Based on a student’s earned credit hours and/or housing, or your employment classification, you will be issued the appropriate permit type when you register online, plus notified where your permit type is valid to park.
  • When you log in, follow the prompts to obtain your parking permit. If you need assistance, please refer to the step-by-step parking instruction guide available on the webpage.
  • Spring registration begins after Fall grades are posted.
  • Summer registration begins after Spring grades are posted.
  • Fall registration begins after Summer grades are posted.
Employees Current permit holders with payroll deduction will see a bi-weekly deduction and will not need to re-register for their parking permit. Any individual who paid with a credit card in full may repurchase their permit once their current permit expires.


Student permit types are assigned based on two components: earned credit hours and residential status.

Freshmen are defined as students with fewer than 30 earned credit hours.

  • Residential Freshmen Permit = “D”
  • Commuter Freshmen Permit = “K” 

Upperclassmen are defined as students with 30 or more earned credit hours.

  • Residential Permit = “D”
  • Commuter Permit = “C”

Graduate Assistants are defined as students who serve in a paid, supportive role to a UToledo professional.

  • Graduate Assistant Permit = “A”

Toledo Early College  students who are enrolled in the Toledo Early College High School Program are eligible for the permit below.

  • Toledo Early College Permit = “T”

For a complete list of where to park and parking maps, please visit Find Parking.

Permit types available are based on your employee Banner classifications.

After logging in to your parking account via the Parking Portal the appropriate fee will automatically be displayed for your specific profile. Current parking permit rates are: Fall 2021
  • A permit (employee), $207 annually;
  • U permit (employee)), collective bargaining agreement rates;
  • G permit (medical doctors), $405 annually;
  • E-Reserved” permits (executives), $828 annually;
  • Student permit, $129 per semester.
Faculty and staff may choose to pay for their permit using payroll deduction. Employee permits through payroll deduction will use pre-taxed dollars, reducing the net amount you pay for parking, based upon an individual’s tax bracket. Annual permits may be purchased through credit card by the end of August. Collective bargaining  agreement rates (U permits) may use the following lots:
  • Main Campus – lots 18, 25 and 28;
  • Health Science Campus – lots 44B, 44E and 46; and
  • Scott Park Campus – lot 22.
Individuals with a valid state disability placard and a U permit type may park in a disabled accessible marked parking space in any parking lot. However, if all disabled parking spaces are occupied, individuals with a U permit are required to park in any available space in U lots.
There is no physical parking permit. UToledo’s virtual parking permit is connected to your license plate. When you purchase your permit online, make sure to correctly enter your license plate information. Your vehicle must be registered to activate your permit and park on campus.
  • Students: Permits expire every semester.
  • Employee (payroll deduction): If purchased through payroll deduction, your permit is on automatic renewal as long as you have a paycheck deduction or until you cancel your permit
  • Employee: Annual permits purchased through credit card end in August.  Semester-based permits expire at the end of the semester.
  • Affiliates: Annual permits end in August.  Semester-based permits expired at the end of the semester.
It is highly recommended that you log onto your parking portal and confirm your expiration date on your permit.

Faculty and staff may choose to pay for their parking permit using payroll deduction. Your permit through payroll deduction will use pre-taxed dollars, reducing the net amount you pay for parking, based upon an individual’s tax bracket.

  • For example, payroll deduction for the general A type of permit at $165 will be $6.35 over 26 paychecks; however, with pre-tax payroll deduction, the net paycheck amount would be less, based on each person’s tax bracket.
  • Payroll deduction for nine- and 12-month faculty will be consistent with benefit deductions as prescribed in their contract.
  • Employees with collective bargaining agreement rates may purchase an A permit type for $165. Payroll deduction timing for collective bargaining employees purchasing the U permit type will be consistent with benefit deductions as prescribed in their contract.


If you’re looking for parking for a departmental guest, please follow the steps below.

Please note: This information applies to departmental guests only. All other faculty, staff and students should be purchasing their permits through their myparking account.

  • If your department already has an email address, please click here to submit an online form to have your guest site activated. We strongly encourage you to be selective with issuing your permits as a permit is $5/day.
  • If your department does not have a departmental email address, please contact the IT help desk and place a formal request. They can be reached at 419.530.2400.
  • Rental Vehicles: If a department brings a rental vehicle on campus, the department is responsible for registering the vehicle. Please note that the rental company is not responsible for registering the vehicle.
  • Please communicate with all departmental guests that a guest parking permit cannot be used to park in metered spaces. Metered spaces require a separate payment.