Parking Information for Toledo University | OH

Please remember that parking permits are required at all times including nights and weekends, in between semesters, and academic breaks.
Please remember that parking permits are required at all times including nights and weekends, in between semesters, and academic breaks.



Two Options for visitors and guests
at The University of Toledo.


Welcome to The University of Toledo!

We are the University’s parking partner and we strive to provide you with the best possible parking experience while you’re on campus.
Please utilize the parking options listed below to register your vehicle to park on campus.

If you are a patient or visiting a patient at The University of Toledo Medical Center there is no need to register to park.
Please Use the Map Below to View the No Cost Designated parking areas which are for PATIENTS ONLY.
If a patient is ever ticketed in the patient area please contact our office.

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We hope you enjoy your time at UToledo! GO ROCKETS!



  • Hourly Parking is purchased through the ParkMobile App or website.
  • ParkMobile accounts are not required to purchase Hourly Parking, but can be used to speed up the purchase process.
  • Hourly Parking Rates vary by parking location.
  • If purchasing Hourly Parking in areas 11, 12, 13 in person at the parking kiosk. No account is needed.



  • Please click here for additional instructions.
  • Daily and Monthly Parking Passes are purchased through the Parking Portal.
  • You will need a Parking Portal Account to purchase a Daily or Monthly Parking Pass.
  • Those with any existing balance on their account will not be authorized to purchase a long or short term parking permit until their balance is paid in full.
  • Purchasing hourly and daily permits via ParkMobile or paying to park in metered areas is an option for patrons until their balance is paid.
  • Parking options include
    • “C” Daily Parking Pass for $5.45 per day
    • “C” Monthly Parking Pass for $50.50 per month.
    • “C” Passes are authorized to park in white lined spaces in the areas indicated for “C” passes as shown on the map below.
  • Day Parking Passes expire at 11:59PM on the date of purchased.
  • Monthly Parking Passes are good for the calendar month.

Your License Plate number is your permit.
License Plate Must Face the Drive Lane.
Vehicles that have not purchased parking are subject to citations.


When visitors are stopping by campus to simply pick up a student or for another quick purpose for fewer than 15 minutes, there are several areas on campus where a vehicle can park temporarily. Those locations include:

  • The pull off lane along West Rocket Drive by Honors Academic Village.
  • Turnarounds on both ends of Residence Drive between Presidents Hall and Ottawa House East and West; and
    Turnaround near the entrance to Parks Tower next to the Glass Bowl.
  • The turnaround at Thompson Student Union near Memorial Field House also can be used to pick up or drop off.
During Move in and Move out there is no need for a parking permit. Those dates are listed HERE under Global Holidays.
  • If the purpose of your visit is to pick up or drop off your student please utilize the 15 minute loading zones described above
  • If you’re attending an event or plan to be on campus for an extended period, the event organizer may have pre-arranged parking for attendees. If not, you would be responsible for purchasing a pass or hourly parking

The vehicle may receive a parking citation.

If the visit will be longer than 15 minutes, the options noted on this website will need to be used and the vehicle moved to the appropriate area for the parking pass/time purchased.  

No, the time limit is still only 15 minutes whether the car is occupied or not.

Yes, all vehicles must be registered to park on campus.

Visitors may utilize the 15 minute drop off zones if applicable. Otherwise, all visitors must purchase parking from one of the two options above.

Yes. During Move In and Move out, along with several other campus global holidays listed HERE

Daily and Monthly Passes give “C” permissions. Please see our parking map for “C” permit locations

ParkUToledo utilizes a Mobile License Plate Recognition system. All permits are connected to license plates.

A Department or Group may elect to cover the cost of the guest permit or advise the guest to purchase a permit through the Parking Portal.

If the Department or Group elects to cover the cost:

  • The guests will receive an A permit.

If the Department or Group advises the guest to purchase a permit:

  • The guest will receive a C permit.

Please contact the event organizer or department if you believe you should receive a permit before parking on campus.